Staff Data 2013

In this section you will find information about University of Leeds staff by the following:

  • institutional level data by protected characteristic
  • academic staff data by protected characteristic
  • professional and managerial staff data by protected characteristic
  • support staff data by protected characteristic 

Although we are pleased to produce such comprehensive equality information, we must not be complacent; we still need to identify gaps in information in order to achieve a true understanding of how the university promotes equality and an inclusive staff experience. 

Moving forward, how will the information be used?

The data will be used in a variety of ways provide evidence to inform decision making. The equality information will be used

  • to monitor progress on the university’s equality objectives to provide evidence to support the identification of activity to improve the staff experience
  • to monitor effects of policies and practices on staff from various protected groups

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If you would like more information about anything contained within the reports, or if you require the information in alternative formats (for example, braille, large print or audio), please contact the Equality Policy Unit on