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If you have been referred to a site by a member of Leeds Assessment Centre staff, but cannot find it here, please contact the Assessment Centre who will be happy to help you.

University of Leeds

  • Equality Service
    • The Equality Service incorporates the Leeds Assessment Centre, the RNIB and University of Leeds Transcription Centre and the Disability Team along with the Equality and Diversity Team. All enquiries about services offered to disabled students at Leeds should be directed to: or visit
  • Libraries
  • Information System Services (ISS)
  • Access to Learning Funds (ALF)
    • These funds are provided by central Government but administered by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).  They are intended to help students to access  and remain in higher education.  ALF is a valuable source of funding for some disabled students who cannot get sufficient funds to meet their needs from other sources. ALF is administered differently in different institutions.  For more information specifically on the University of Leeds ALF please visit:

External Organisations

  •  DSA-QAG
    •  The quality and standards organisation for Assessment Centres.  For more information, including all the Quality Audit Framework documents, see:
  • National Network of Assessment Centres NNAC
    • Most Assessment Centres, including the Leeds Assessment Centre are members of the NNAC.  NNAC provide information to students and staff at Higher and Further Education Institutions on Assessment Centres and DSA visit for further information.

Funding Bodies

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