Equality & Inclusion Co-ordinators

University of Leeds has a network of Equality & Inclusion Co-ordinators who are based within academic faculties and other departments across the University. Equality & Inclusion Co-ordinators are granted workload remission from their “day job” to raise equality and inclusion issues within their department, help the Equality Policy Unit to find out more about the issues facing staff across the University and spread good practice across the organisation.

  • Arts, Humanities and Cultures

Tasia Scrutton, t.scrutton@leeds.ac.uk, Ext: 30248

Liz McIntosh e.mcintosh@leeds.ac.uk Ext: 33199

  • Biological Sciences

Faculty post currently vacant

  • Central Admin (CASS)

Post currently vacant

  • Central Admin (Library)

Audrey Cobb a.j.cobb@leeds.ac.uk Ext: 37491

  • Engineering

Briony Thomas b.g.thomas@leeds.ac.uk Ext: 39694

  • Environment

Faculty post currently vacant

School of Earth and Environment
Samantha Haynes s.e.haynes@leeds.ac.uk Ext:34938

School of Geography
Martin Zebracki m.m.zebracki@leeds.ac.uk Ext:33331

Institute of Transport Studies
Louise Reardon l.reardon@leeds.ac.uk Ext: 32809

  • ESSL

Alison Sheldon a.sheldon@leeds.ac.uk Ext: 34715

School of Law
Sarah Humphreys s.e.humphreys@leeds.ac.uk Ext:38013

School of POLIS
Mette Wiggen m.wiggen@leeds.ac.uk Ext:36897

School of Education
Mohammad Ahmadian m.j.ahmadian@leeds.ac.uk Ext:38013

  • LUBS

Liz Oliver, e.a.oliver@lubs.leeds.ac.uk, Ext: 36815

Sundeep Aulakh, s.aulakh@leeds.ac.uk, Ext: 38878

Marianne Savory, m.savory@leeds.ac.uk, Ext: 38882

Anna Wellard, a.wellard@lubs.leeds.ac.uk, Ext: 31808

  • MAPS

Mike Evans r.m.l.evans@leeds.ac.uk Ext: 35861

Charles Taylor c.c.taylor@leeds.ac.uk Ext:35168

School of Physics
Sven Van Loo s.vanloo@leeds.ac.uk

  • Medicine and Health

Faculty post currently vacant

School of Psychology
Anna Madill a.l.madill@leeds.ac.uk

School of Health care
Sue Kilminster, s.kilminster@leeds.ac.uk Ext: 31191