Equality Policy Unit (EPU)


University of Leeds, Equality Policy Unit is cited as an example of good practice by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The Equality Policy Unit (EPU) is the centre for policy development and expert advice on equality and inclusion at the University of Leeds. It is responsible for:

  • supporting the University, including faculties and services, to embed and implement the objectives identified within the Strategy
  • ensuring the University meets its statutory obligations under the Public Sector Equality Duty
  • assisting the University to implement inclusive practice through the development of appropriate policies, guidance and support
  • lead the implementation of the Equality and Inclusion (E&I) framework and Strategy
  • providing a policy development and advisory service to the University and its faculties, schools and services
  • promoting and supporting the University’s aspirations to become a national and international sector leader in equality and inclusion

HR, Level 11, EC Stoner Building.   Enquiries: equality@leeds.ac.uk



Latest News:

New 2016 Ramadan briefing available here: http://www.equality.leeds.ac.uk/for-staff/good-practice-guidance/ under the tab Race and Religion.

The Equality Policy Unit’s 2017 Religious Festivals and Events Calendar is now available to download.

The HR team have set up an alternative high contrast version of Employee Self Service (ESS). You can switch between the standard version ESS and the high contrast version by changing the URL while logged in.  Please take a look and use the opportunity to update your personal information and equality profile.





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